I am just like any other homo sapien living merrily on earth. Born genetically unmodified.

I love playing with children and like messing around with all things tech. Apart from that I am a big time fan of  Kiefer Sutherland and hope to meet him someday.

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  1. Hi Sir,
    It was very nice to see your website. It has a lot of technical stuff to learn from. Actually i am a student of B.tech from Greater Noida. wanted to have a chit chat with you. I thought this will be right way to start. Sir i actually want to ask some questions and have some conversations if you don’t have any problem.
    Please ….

  2. Dear Prakhar,

    I very much commend your efforts in putting up the article on getting the Learner License in Bangalore without using dubious means.

    I am inspired to follow the process when I return from my trip to US as I believe my Passport will be required as Local Address proof.

    Just wondering if you could finally finish the process and go all the way to obtain your Permanent License as well, by beating the rotten system.

    While I certainly understand that your previous post must have taken a lot of time, and the setting the same standards might very well be preventing you to write down Step-2, I will appreciate if you could write a gist of what finally happened.

    I am sure you would have been successful and would be interested to know the outcome.

    Vikas Jain

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