Timesjobs.com sell your email address and phone numbers to spammers

Online job search portals are flourishing in India. However it turns out that some job portals have totally sold their conscience and pay no respect to user’s privacy and trust. One such lame job portal is timesjobs.com. The retards in this company carelessly sell user’s email and phone to¬†nuisance creating spammers, breaching all privacy policy clauses as laid down on their own website. These nasty spammers, in turn send useless crap about lottery, and hoax job offers.

To expose their scandal, I registered on timesjobs.com via a separate email id specially made for timesjobs. Soon I started receiving spam messages. When I analysed headers in the original email, it officially proved that messages were sent to timesjobs id.

I have sent an email to their corporate office as well.

To: corporatecare@timesgroup.com


I recently realized that timesjobs is illegally selling private information like phone numbers and email addresses to spammers and marketeers. I have attached a snapshot which proves this. It is a clear breach of the privacy policy as mentioned here: http://www.timesjobs.com/popuphtml/privacy.html.

Let me know what explanation you have for this.


I am trying to find a legal aspect to sue these guys. If anyone is aware of this process, kindly let me know. In the meantime, request you to tweet and digg this post so that timesjobs can learn some lesson.

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  1. Dear Prakhar,

    I have gone through your blog and the revelations are shocking. I am spreading the word and hope this helps raise awareness amongst users about data-mining and others corrupt-industry-wide-malpractices that these companies employ.

    Thanks for the update.


  2. Yes, Definitely you have raised a very good point here. Such attempts by job portals are nothing more than a mere attempt to harass job seekers so that could buy any of their paid service.

    Remember, any job portal who is not disclosing the proper identity in terms full name , mobile contact, email id while offering the paid service is going to spam you.

    Both times or naukri do the same thing only monster is maintaining some standards.

    Although all of them are going to ruin your personal data by selling them to telemarketers. These people have got one more new idea to contact with those registered with DoNotDisturb service. They keep on giving missed calls until you call them back. And if you ask them why are you giving missed calls in return they will say say that they did make a full call which turned to be a missed as you didn’t attended it. In return if you remind them of DoNotDisturbService then they will quietly shut their mouth.
    Hope somebody brings this to the notice of TRAI.

    The story doesn’t ends here these portals do have spam engines which can send mass spams that too with some special customized flavor.

    They are competing with each other also.

    Government should monitor their activities for avoiding cheap practice.

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